Don’t Be Afraid to Try New Products


big-chop-day-21-2 A few wees after my BC

When I first went natural March 2010 I knew nothing about taking care of my natural hair, I just wanted to do exactly what was “right”.

I read books and articles that talked about the “bad” ingredients. Petroleum, Mineral Oil, Alcohols, Sulfates, Cones, Glycol’s etc…. The list goes on and on

I had no clue how my hair would respond to the “bad” ingredients, I just knew they were “bad” and they shouldn’t be used if I wanted to grow long healthy hair.

Every time I went into the local beauty supply stores or the pharmacies (CVS, Rite Aid, Walgreens, Duane Reade), I would search through all the hair products reading the ingredients and becoming very disappointed.  It seemed like all of the products had one or two or three or more of the “bad” ingredients.  I was always overwhelmed because it seemed as if only Raw Shea butter and natural oils would be allowed in my hair.

I started realizing that just because I decided to go natural, didn’t mean I had to use only products with all natural ingredients. Now, while I do understand the point of using products with all natural ingredients, I also understand that it is possible to grow strong healthy using other products.  Another lesson I’ve learned is to read product reviews from other women and research the ingredients if you are really concerned.

The first product I bought that had some of the “bad” ingredients was Herbal Essences None of your Frizziness, it has alcohols and cones.  I loved the way it smelled in the store and the name FRIZZINESS attracted my eyes because that’s all my hair loves to do-FRIZZ.  I decided to just try it out.

I really like this product, but because of the cones and alcohols, I didn’t use it as often as the Giovanni Deeper Moisture Products, which has none of the “bad” ingredients.  My decision to use the Herbal Essences None of your Frizziness less often wasn’t based on my actual experience, it was based on this lingering fear in the back of my mind, that kept telling me this product would destroy my hair because it had alcohol and cones it it.

I wanted to try the YES to Carrots Shampoo and Conditioner but was nervous to pick it up because of the sulfate and cones.  I reminded myself that I can buy this product and use it sparingly, but I still left the store without it.

6 months natural. Shampooed & conditioned with  Yes to Carrots

After about 2 weeks of contemplating and speaking to a few of my natural hair friends, I decided to buy it.  After the first use I really liked the product. Read my review.

Since then I’ve purchased Herbal Essences Hello Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner and I love this product more then all the others. This product has alcohols in it, but the fatty kind. Read my review for more info.

6 months Natural. Shampooed & conditioned with Herbal Essences Hello Hydration

So to sum this all up, I’ve been breaking lose from the rigidity that I’ve incorporated in my staple products in order to figure out how my hair will respond to ingredients.  If something changes after using a product, I can just discontinue usage. But I don’t have to ban products out of my life, just because someone else says so.