Don’t Be Insecure – Get Issa Rae’s Natural Look

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Issa Rae is widely known for captivating audiences with her quirky mannerisms and sayings from her hit web series Awkward Black Girl. After being turned down from ABC for a new series called I Hate L.A Dudes, Issa’s faith didn’t waver. She continued working on another script titled Insecure. When HBO got wind that Issa’s series wasn’t picked up by ABC, they quickly reached out to her.

Because Issa continued working on Insecure’s script, she was prepared when HBO reached out to her, and as they say the rest is history! Tomorrow, Sunday, Oct.9, Insecure will premiere on HBO. Set your DVR curl friends!

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Insecure is set in Los Angeles, where Issa plays a 29-year-old character with her namesake. Her character lives with her boyfriend, who is unemployed and attempting to find a job. After returning home from a birthday dinner with her friend Molly, Issa’s boyfriend shares the details of his latest interview where he spilled coffee on the interviewer’s desk, and allows his nerves to get the best of him. It’s Issa’s birthday, and his idea of plans are 711 and a redbox movie. Issa quickly shrugs off her disappointment, after one of her Facebook crushes reaches out to her, and messages Happy Birthday, I miss you. Issa replies that she misses him too, and makes plans with her friend Molly to meet up with him. Before going out, Issa applies different lipstick colors to her lips that reflect her alter ego. Ultimately, Insecure chronicles Issa’s last year of her 20’s and the challenges, questions, and scenarios one faces as they end this chapter of their life.

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Get Issa’s Look

On Tuesday, Oct. 4, Issa Rae was interviewed on ABC The View, where her makeup artist Joanna Simkin flawlessly created a fresh, natural, and dewy look. To recreate this look, please read all the beauty breakdown details below.


Issa’s hairstyles have evolved over the years from a buzz cut, Mohawk-styled curls, and classic curly updo. You can recreate Issa’s look from her interview on The View, by creating a deep side part to your hair. After parting your hair, take the hair on the right side and braid it past your ear. Next take any hair that you have left out of the braid, and place it into a ponytail holder. Then take some bobby pins and pin and tuck your hair into a bun.


Issa’s makeup always looks effortless! To achieve this look, select a cream-based foundation such as AJ Crimson in shades 3 to highlight and 5 to contour. Blend your foundation with a beauty blender sponge. One of my favorite sponges to use on clients is Alcone Non-Latex Sponges because it is firm, and it can be used either wet or dry.


Although Issa’s isn’t wearing a blush in the picture above, an option to complement this look would be a soft pink blush by MAC cosmetics in the shade LadyBlush.

issa rae with The View cast


Issa’s eyes were the centerstage to this makeup look. Her artist used natural earthy tones and soft browns to create this fabulous application. I would recommend Makeup Forever Artist Eyeshadow M646-Latte to be placed all over the lid, and then Makeup Forever Artist Eyeshadow M656- Chestnut for the crease color; use Inglot Cosmetics AMC eyeliner in the shade Jet Black to line the lash line. Adding some Kiss individual lashes will make this look natural and flirty.


Keeping with the blush tones of her fashionable outfit, Issa’s artist used a soft pink lipstick with undertones of muted purple. MAC cosmetics lipstick in Mehr is a dupe for this look paired with their lipgloss in the shade Spite.

Let us know who’s look you’d like to see us break down next!