Don’t Be Scared To Do The Big Chop


The New Year is almost here and what better way to ring in the new year than with a totally New You?!  A big chop is a great way to commemorate a new year for you because transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair is a truly liberating experience.  You will learn so much about yourself after going natural and most importantly you will grow as a woman. You will start to realize that social constructs around beauty and hair really don’t apply to you.

And don’t sit there afraid because there is so much support out there for you even if don’t know anyone who is natural.  You know you can come here anytime to get all the information on how to wash, style, moisturize and care for your natural hair.  If you have questions join us on FaceBook where we discuss natural hair all day every day.

Still Nervous?

Committing to natural hair is a decision I will never regret and I truly believe that if you have the opportunity to go natural today, I say DO IT!  In the video below I have an open discussion that is destined to motivate you.

Thinking of Big Chopping Yourself

After transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair for 12 months, ChevysWay grabs a pair of shears and cuts off all her relaxed hair herself right in her bathroom. She does a great job too! You’ve got to check this out.

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Big Chop Party!

When I big chopped back in 2010 I made it a night I would never forget. My cousin and I ordered Chinese food, we had drinks ready, the music was popping’ and we laid out all the big chop tools a girl could need.  I big chopped my cousins hair first and then she big chopped me.  We had so much fun and I encourage you to take the same approach.  Even if you don’t have a friend who is going to big chop with you, find a friend who will get lit with you and do your celebratory big chop to natural hair for you.  ChevysWay big chops her friend who has been transitioning from relaxed hair to natural hair for 10 months. I love that they did this together and that Shaneez had this type of support.

If you do Big Chop for New Years, be sure to share you pics with us on Facebook or Twitter-we love to share!