Dressing The Bump: 3rd Trimester


Here are some things to look forward to as mothers-to-be enter the home stretch of pregnancy or the third trimester. Lack of sleep, sciatica, exceptionally chapped lips, shortness of breath and uncontrollable urges to lay under the nearest rock to take a quick nap.

Sounds exciting, right!?!

Getting creative with your wardrobe is also something that expecting moms have to master at this stage. It’s the final stretch.  You don’t really want to spend too much money on maternity clothes because you only have a few more months to go. Outside of maternity jeans/pants, you may still be able to make use of maxi dresses and skirts that may already be in your closet.

In addition to getting the baby’s room together, deciding on a birth plan and deciding on whether breastfeeding is for you, you also have to go out into public every now and then.

If you have been able to hide that belly for the first few months, know that is a thing of the past. That tummy is on full display so you might as well embrace it. Take advantage of those stretchy skirts and accessorize, accessorize, accessorize!

At this point you have two options, you can walk around like you are miserable in loose t-shirts and sweats or you can put a little effort into your look (mainly to trick your mind into feeling great even if morning sickness won’t let you be great.)

Check out how I turned my Zara skirt into a body con dress. Don’t let the heels fool you, a smart girl always carries her flats in her bag…especially a smart, pregnant girl!


Now if somebody could just solve the problem of sleeping comfortably for the last few months of pregnancy!


So how do you dress the bump?