EDEN BodyWorks Citrus Fusion Collection Review

Earlier last month I featured the new EDEN BodyWorks Citrus Fusion Collection on my YouTube channel.  This Collection includes a Citrus Fusion ConditionerCitrus Fusion Styling Mousse, Citrus Fusion Refresher Spray, and Citrus Fusion Hair & Body Butter.  After I shared these products with you all I received an overwhelming amount of requests asking me to use the products and give my review.

I used the Refresher and the Butter to achieve the twist out you see in this video and the combination of the two worked really well.  I’ve not used the mousse or the conditioner but when I do I’ll let you know.

This is what my hair looked like on Day 1 after using the EDEN BodyWorks Refresher and the Butter for my twist out.  My twist out was poppin’ and my results were very similar to what I get when I use the EDEN BodyWorks Curl Defining Creme. Check out the video to see what my hair looked like on Day 2 as well as a my complete review.

Based on the comments to my review this collection is being accepted with arms wide open. Have you used it yet? What are your thoughts?