Facials, Skincare & More – Interview with Restorations Holistic Skin Care Services (Raleigh, NC)


If there is one thing you may have learned about me throughout the past few weeks, it may be the fact that I, Miss FabEllis, am an advocate for healthy, beautiful skin.  Having healthy skin really can help you feel confident in any atmosphere.  Although I have learned a great deal about skincare throughout the years, I thought it best to take some of my questions to a licensed specialist.

One of my biggest questions I felt the need for an answer to is…  Are facials necessary?  I took this question and others to Restorations Holistic Skin Care Services owner, Tassie.  Here is what she had to say:

KCCM, Miss FabEllis: What is the significance of a facial? How do they help the skin?

Tassie: A facial does more than just cleanse the skin and relax you although those are definitely true also. The benefits I like to point out have to do with the products used and the importance of the facial massage. Using the right products especially natural based products, during the facial helps to nourish the skin and with each application of product it is massaged into the skin which helps with penetration and circulation. Manual lymphatic drainage can also be done to help with congested skin and moving toxins along. Facials help the skin build up collagen, elasticity, moisture, and it helps cells to regenerate.

Below are photos of the facial process Tassie was kind enough to perform on me:

KCCM, Miss FabEllis: It is said that people should have a facial performed once a month. Do you agree with this theory?

Tassie: Yes, I do agree. Having a facial once per month goes along with maintaining healthy skin and circulation. Also, getting that deep exfoliation keeps the cells rejuvenated. I would also add, getting a facial from the same esthetician is one of the greatest benefits because it gives the esthetician an opportunity to get to know your skin, to know what works well for you, what your skin likes, and how your skin changes with the seasons. This can better assist you in knowing when to change up your daily routine and help you spot when there are particular changes taking place in your skin early on.

KCCM, Miss FabEllis:

After this facial, my skin felt incredibly soft afterwards and very clean!  I noticed the next morning that blackheads I used to see on my nose had disappeared.  I can definitely see this being beneficial once a month.

Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Face Care KCCM, Miss FabEllis: There are many skincare systems present today from multi step systems like the Nubian Heritage African Black Soap Collection, which includes cleanser, toner, mask, exfoliant scrub, and moisturizer to single step products that only include a cleanser. What is your suggested method for facial cleansing?

Tassie: I believe in a three to four step process. There are many reasons why I don’t recommend just using a cleanser, although I also believe that everyone’s skin is unique so if this method works for you do what works. So here is what I believe using a complete three step process system which includes cleansing, toning, and moisturizing. First cleansing the skin removes excess dirt and makeup and if it contains any AHA’s will help loosen dry dead skin to gently exfoliate the skin. Then following with a toner helps balance the pH in the skin and wipes away anything the cleanser could’ve left behind, finally in the three step process is moisturizer which should protect and hydrate the skin. The fourth step would be all the above in the three step process with the inclusion of an exfoliant which helps the cells regenerate and assists the skin in staying clear as well help with fine lines, wrinkles, and lack of moisture.

KCCM, Miss FabEllis: People constantly want to know the best steps for clear skin. What are your recommendations for clearer, brighter skin?

Tassie: This is the hardest question yet because EVERYONE’S skin is so unique and there truly is no “COOKIE CUTTER” way to clear skin. The only thing I can recommend is cleanse your skin daily, watch what you eat (that can be a big clue as to what causes your skin to break out), drink plenty of water, include herbal and nutritional supplements, exfoliate, and try to use as many NATURAL products as possible because they have more substance and nutritional value, and lastly stay calm (hormones/emotions aka stress also greatly affect skin conditions).

Facials are soo good KCCM, Miss FabEllis: Do you have any final thoughts or suggestions?

Tassie: I would end with this, learn your skin as an individual. Know that what works for some may not work for you but it is good to try different things. Allow an esthetician to get to know your skin because they could be a GREAT asset to answer your skin questions but also help you possibly find a solution to your individual skin care needs. Don’t believe all the hype, there are a lot of creams, drugs, and trendy treatments out there, take the time to research and talk with a skin care professional to see if a particular treatment is right for you.

Thanks again to Tassie for sharing her knowledge on skincare with us!  I learned a great deal from our conversation and I hope you did also.  To learn more about her services and/or schedule an appointment, click here.  She also sells her skincare products in-store and online.  Click here to view her products.

Share your thoughts!  Have you ever had a facial?

Stay beautyful!