Feed Your Hair: Chocolate

Chocolate itself is a newer arrival onto the skin and hair care scene. Most women feel some guilty pleasure when enjoying chocolate but not anymore!

A recent study conducted by scientists at Cornell University found that cocoa powder, the base from which chocolate is made, contains nearly TWICE the antioxidants of red wine, and up to three times the antioxidants found in green tea.

Chocolate is derived from the same parts of the cacao tree, but is processed adding in other ingredients, such as milk, which is also good for the hair and skin. This derivative of the cocoa pod contains flavonoids called catechins—very effective antioxidants. Dark chocolate, which has hardly any sugar, is preferred for health benefits taken internally or applied externally in a spa treatment or hair-care formula. Dark chocolate has 35 percent more of the brown paste of ground cocoa beans than other chocolate so it is a concentrated formula.

It is now known that raw cocoa, derived from the FRUIT of the Cacao tree, contains more than 300 chemically identifiable compounds, making it one of the most complex food sources on this planet. In addition, it has been established that raw cocoa has the highest antioxidant value of ALL natural foods in the world!

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So, the next time you feel a little guilty about putting that Hershey bar to your lips, just know that your hair thanks you!