Finding Balance And Achieving Overall Well-Being In The New Year And Beyond

Mae Yoga pose

As 2016 comes to a close, naturally we begin to anticipate the New Year, our goals, the new choices we want to make and the unhealthy habits we would like to break. Oftentimes, health gets compartmentalized and we isolate and obsess over certain aspects such as weight, inches, skin clarity/radiance, hair length, etc. and neglect achieving holistic well-being which entails much more than physical appearance.

I got the opportunity to discuss holistic health and practice with Angela Elizabeth Baker, a Certified Holistic Health Practitioner and the Founder of GoddessBody as well as Mae Murphy, Natural Lifestyle Blogger of NaturalChica.

Holistic health is mind, body and spirit, which are all actively working together as one. The more we embrace this fact, the better we can achieve optimal health. Therefore, health must take the whole person into account for diagnosis and/or preventative care. “Your body is made up of nothing more than energy,” cites Angela. We are made up of the same energy as the stars in the sky…and that energy can be manipulated, for better or for worse.

How does energy affect the body? What we think and feel will eventually manifest to a physical reality.

“For example, if I’m sad [and] depressed all the time it will create a physical reality of a sad and depressed immune system [and] liver functioning so my body won’t be able to detoxify as well as someone who is in a more positive state consistently,” states Angela.

Our emotions, which Angela describes as “energy in motion” often gets overlooked or minimized when attempting to get healthy. “I was caught up in trying to look a certain way, losing all the weight I had gained throughout my pregnancy, all the while overlooking the fact that I was mentally beating myself up about not being where I wanted to be physically,” recalls Mae.

Angela interprets emotions, which trigger hormones in the bloodstream and affect “the environment of the organ systems” as the usual root cause of any health setback or disease. When Mae decided to cherish her body “in its present state” and its beauty of having “grown, nourished and delivered a beautiful baby boy,” she made more optimal health choices.

Turning the tide to get to a better place health wise takes time. “As women, we tend to underestimate the time it takes to do things. We wear a lot of hats and want to see results quickly. We tend to get impatient with ourselves,” notes Angela. So whatever your goal is, it is important to keep going and not be fixated on any particular arrival date, give yourself the time to get there and just be consistent.

Mae describes herself as a newbie in yoga but when she joined the November #Yoga4Growth challenge she set out to make it a daily activity. “Yoga is much more than a physical practice. It really asks you to be in tune with your whole self…through meditation, breathing and the various postures. It really served as a powerful reminder of how we don’t even know what we can achieve because we don’t even give ourselves the chance to attempt it,” declares Mae.

These are all great observations, but where can we start for holistic health in 2017? I asked Angela what she recommends as the top 3 most important areas of focus to begin the path of holistic health and well-being.

  1. Nutrition: Everything you put into your body is going to fuel it one way or the other or take away from it one way or the other. Women often set the precedent in the household so let’s be a good example.
  1. Emotional health: What you put out will come back to you. Make a conscious effort to be grateful and hold positive thoughts for vitality.
  1. Reverence for femininity: Cherish your femininity and hold it high. Understand what it means to be a woman physically, mentally and spiritually. Avoid feminine hygiene products that contain plastic and other synthetic materials, which cause imbalance and lead to cysts, fibroids and other feminine health issues.

In closing, it is all about educating ourselves to better understand our energy, chakras and vortexes that build up who we are and avoid the harmful agents and toxins that pollute our bodies, minds and spirits.

Cleansing ourselves from the toxic build-up of bad foods, poor air quality, negative thinking, etc. is also crucial. Achieving overall well-being and holistic health is a continuous journey and the benefits have a cumulative effect. So give yourself the time to learn, test, grow and adapt and your future self will surely thank you.

Mind = What You Think
Body = What You Do
Spirit = What You Feel

Goddess Body

Every product is something that has worked for Angela and countless other women to cleanse the body of toxins, provide feminine balance and supplements for preventative care. Follow Goddess Body on IG: @goddessbody

Health is a Journey: Angela and Mae Share Theirs

Angela Baker 2

Angela’s Health Journey

Angela experienced feminine health issues from ages 15-21 and had to get cysts drained in college. In a cycle of anxiety, depression and heavy drinking along with a poor diet of red meats and fast foods, Angela turned her health around after seeing a holistic health practitioner and healed herself in 2 years. She is now a wife and mother of 4 children. Follow Goddess Body on IG: @goddessbody

Mae Murphy

Mae’s Health Journey

Mae was active in sports during high school but wasn’t in college or grad school. She didn’t become active again and more conscious about health until she became pregnant with her son. With the support of her husband, Mae began walking and hiking. Her activity level went down again after the birth of her son but she is now in full force with a strength that she never knew she had. Follow Mae’s yoga journey on IG: @naturalchicayoga