First Date Outfit Ideas


The jitters of first dates can be overwhelming! You might think about how you should act, if the conversation will flow, if you should play hard to get, or if you guys will kiss at the end of the night. Among all the things that make you nervous about your first date with someone, picking the perfect outfit should not be one of them! Here are some tips that you can use when picking an outfit for a first date:

-Keep it simple.
Don’t overdo it! I love a fashionable guy, but I hate when someone dresses so overdone that they end up looking more of a hot mess than fashionable.

-Dress appropriately.
Wear the right attire for the date you are going to. For example if you guys decide to do a picnic in the park opt for a cute and comfortable pair of shoes instead of six-inch heels. You don’t want to twist your ankle on the first date—that is not a good look!

-Be yourself.
Don’t wear something because you think your date may like it especially if you feel uncomfortable in it! Wear things that you feel the most confident in! You’ll exude confidence and your date will be even more attracted to you.

-Have fun!
Like mentioned above, picking an outfit for a first date should be simple! Never over-think it because when you do, the outfit ideas may not flow as freely and you may end up looking crazy—and we don’t want that to happen! We’re trying to get you a second date!

Here are Some Outfit Ideas for First Dates:

Casual Dinner and A Movie
I’m a heels girl so I always wear heels when I go to casual dinner and movie dates, but flats are totally appropriate to wear. You don’t have to go all out here! Stay away from sneakers unless they are a dressy type of sneaker i.e. wedge sneakers. Check out a couple of the looks I would wear to casual dinner and a movie first date.

Fancy Dinner Dates (Expensive Restaurants)
For fancy dinners go all out! Pull out that freakum dress that you save for special occasions and rock the heck out of it. Please don’t get freakum dress confused with hoochie mama dress—if you can wear it to the club, chances are its not fancy restaurant appropriate. And yes ladies…heels are a must for fancy dinners! If it’s chilly that night throw a blazer over your dress. Pencil skirts and blouse options are also good outfit choices for fancy dates. In my opinion, jeans shouldn’t be worn. You can definitely wear a pair of slacks, but that might have you looking more professional rather than first date appropriate. For warmth, pair your dress with sheer tights and cute pair of booties. You can also throw on a faux fur stole and a mid-leg trench coat.

Picnic In the Park
Rocking maxi dresses/skirts and shorts are great options for picnic dates. Remember to keep your footwear comfortable as you may be doing a lot walking to find the perfect rest spot! Converses are my favorite type of kicks, so if I want to wear sneakers on a picnic date, I usually wear those. When I’m feeling myself, I throw on comfortable pair of wedges that give me stability while walking on the grass in the park. When I don’t feel like wearing converses or wedges, I opt for a cute pair of flats. Picnic dates are usually for the warmer months so you don’t have to worry too much about staying warm, but if you do happen to go on a picnic date during a colder month, wear a denim jacket, boots, and leggings for warmth!

Amusement Park
No heels here ladies!! Comfortable clothing and footwear only! Since you will be going on rides stay away from dresses—you don’t want your goods all on display. Rock a comfortable pair of distressed jeans or shorts with a cute graphic tee. If its chilly, you can wear leggings and an oversized sweater with some riding boots, jeans and a comfortable top, or you can even wear tights and throw a pair of shorts over them for a rugged look.

Remember the key to picking a first date outfit is being yourself! If you feel that your outfit is too overdone for the place that you are going to…chances are it is! Go with your intuition. And don’t forget to check out my blog, CherrieAmore. There are plenty outfit ideas on there that are “first-date” appropriate!

Tell us, what do you wear on first dates?