Flexi Rod Set on Blow Dried Natural Hair

As mentioned in a previous post, I wanted to try out flexi rods.  I decided to do them on my blow dried hair.  My hair had been blow dried 4 days prior to attempting the flexi rods.
Blow Out
Products Used for Blow Dry: Mizani Nourishing Milk Leave In Conditioner and John Frieda Smooth Fixation Heat Protectant.
I put my hair in 16 large two strand twists and then wrapped 2 twists around each flexi rod.
Products Used to set Flexi Rods: Miss Jessie’s Baby ButterCreme
The next morning, I took down the flexi rods, loosened my twists, and fluffed fluffed fluffed!
Thanks to Afroella and Cristine Cox for giving me flexi rod advice in my previous post “I think it’s time I try Flexi Rods” 
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