Fluffy Cocoon Curls Tutorial


Have you ever heard of Cocoon Curls!? Well if not, here’s a quick how to on how I use this method on my natural hair! I love the Big and Fluffy Curls this technique gives me! I’ll definitely be experimenting with it more!

Hope you enjoy! – Naptural85

Start out by flat twisting your hair.

Hold the end of your twist and place two fingers about one inch before your roots.

Wrap the twist around the hair above your two fingers, allowing your fingers to maintain a loop.

Continue wrapping your twist around the hair until you have a little piece of the end left.

Grab the end of your twist with your two fingers. Pull the twist through the center.

This part gets confusing. Take one finger out of the loop while keeping the other finger in the loop. Push the hair that was wrapped around the twist down, but don’t let go of the end because we don’t want the end to come through the loop.

The next morning, pull on that end that was left out of the loop and untwist your hair.

Fluff out your hair to your desired fullness.