FOLLICLE Film Fundraiser Pics

I participated on the FOLLICLE film panel last week amongst some great panel members-Rae Holliday, Africa Miranda, Lurie Favors, Karen Tappin, Shaun Derrick.  The topics we discussed pertained to Media, Politics, Race and Hollywood and the question of Why does Black Hair Matter was a focal point of the event.  I  had an opportunity to learn why creator Rhadames Julien has been inspired so deeply to create a film about the journey of the root to natural hair.

At the time of the event there was a little under $3000 raised and as I write this article the exact amount raised is $6295 raised by 55 people (including me), which is 79% of the goal and I anticipate he will reach his goal as long as we all support this film.  After all, there are no films specifically on natural hair just yet.  I am so excited to be apart of something great like this. DONATE