From Loose to Loc’d: Months 1 – 6


For years, I thought about loc’ing my hair. But I let background chatter and self-doubt keep me from doing it. Thoughts of “It’s so permanent” “what will you look like” “how will you style it” “you don’t know what you’re doing” filled my head and kept me from doing what I really wanted.

That changed for me in September of 2012 when I finally made the decision to loc my hair. I knew it was the right time, and cemented it by writing a letter to my loose natural hair.

Month 1

During my first month, I was really nervous. My loctitian, Miss B Locs, installed comb coils to begin my journey.

My starter locs were super short! To go from BSL (bra-strap length) to hair that barely came past my ears was a big adjustment for me. In the first month, my locs were shiny, smooth, and bouncy. They appeared more like curls than starter locs since my hair was already long.


Month 2

In the second month, I experienced some ups and downs. This came from having unrealistic expectations. So many people said that it would only take 2 months for my hair to begin the loc’ing process. I didn’t experience that. I started to notice a little bit of fuzziness, but no initial loc’ing. But I was still excited, and wrote a letter to my starter locs.




Months 3 and 4

I felt my patience begin to wane in month three. This was the month that some of my hair should really start to loc! Or so I thought. As you can see from the picture below, I was experimenting with makeup, lipsticks, and ribbons/bows.  Except for when I big chopped in 2004, I’ve always had long hair. For me, this was an awkward stage during which I couldn’t hide behind long hair. I was also trying to get my acne under control.

At the beginning of Month 4, my hair color had significantly lightened. Just check out my picture from Month 1 to see my original (and accidental) hair color. It was starting to grow on me, but I still didn’t love it. Since color loosens your hair texture, I was hesitant to lighten my starter locs to get the color I really wanted (which was a honey blond). This could possibly reverse any loc’ing that had begun to occur, and I wasn’t trying to do that.  So I stuck with it.




Month 5

Welcome to month 5!  My locs were growing and growing. The color was lighter. But people still couldn’t tell they were locs. Was my hair a coil-out? No. Is that a straw set? Nope. They’re locs, I would tell people as I lowered my head.

Month 6

That brings me to today. I got my first style, which I took down after 2 days because my scalp itched and I didn’t like it. But I am happy to report that tons of people complimented my color and locs during ‘Fro Fashion Week.



Have you recently loc’ed your hair?

How has your hair journey been?