Get Your Girls Ready For Back 2 School

Get Your Girls Ready For Back 2 School
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Gone are the days of doing your daughters hair every day. I mean lets be real–ain’t nobody got time for that! The morning routine needs to be easy to handle so you can get your little ones ready to go.  A long stressful morning isn’t good for them or for you.

But how can I send my little girl to school with her hair looking a mess? You don’t.

Trust me.  If you choose the right styles, you can style your daughters hair on the weekend, preferably a Sunday evening and then you only have to do light maintenance during the week.  This style will last you all week. I repeat, all week!

At the end of the week, when it’s time to take down your daughters hair, I’ve got you covered on how to detangle her hair. My advice is to tackle the detangling process head on and get all your tools together. You will need butter fly clips for sectioning, a spray bottle with water to wet her hair, a detangling comb, and our holy grail conditioner.