Glycerin: Your Hair’s Summer Best Friend for Maximum Growth


by Klassy-Kinks

If you’re on a growth journey, make glycerin your friend this summer.  Here’s why:

To my knowledge, many naturalistas are told to stay away from glycerin during the summer months because the glycerin will call moisture to your hair.  All that moisture being attracted to your hair, may make your hair lose its curl definition, you may experience shrinkage, and your hair may frizz up.



adore all this.  It’s not, necessarily, a bad thing.

A huge part of my summer regimen includes all things glycerin. Why? I’m on a hair growth journey. I want to retain my length, and I want the hair that grows to be strong and healthy.  A huge component of healthy hair is moisture. So, think about it. Rather than spritzing water throughout the day – why not let the glycerin help you out? It does EVERYTHING for you.

Summer time is a great time for me and my hair because not only am I able to play in it for most of the summer time. I get to show it off! But an added bonus of the summer is the fact that my hair feels so so so soft! My hands basically LIVE in my hair during the summertime. It’s so soft I want to walk around with a sign saying, “Yes, you CAN touch my hair.”

Now, when it comes to styling.  I use mostly Shea Moisture’s Hibiscus (great smelling) products in the summer.

Considering the ‘glycerin effect’ they still give me some hold on whatever curl I set. Granted, by the end of the day, any kind of curl I had set are gone, but hey – my hair feels great! As a bonus, at the end of the day, detangling isn’t so bad because the hair is still soft and is easier to navigate.

If you make your own ingredients, simply buy some glycerin oil from a store and mix that into your oils.  If you do want to keep your curl definition –  balance out how much glycerin you put into the mixture.  When I make my mixtures, I usually add about 10% (at a maximum) of glycerin.  Also, take note that glycerin is a thick oil.  Balance that aspect out with the other kinds of oils you use.  I try to use lighter oils in the summer.

I know.  I probably lost some of you at “no curl definition.” And may have lost a few more at “frizz.”  And that’s alright.  But for those of you willing to try it – will you?  What DIY recipes have you used with glycerin?