Going Natural, The Mental Aspect


by Jarmelia of DIY Hair Care Blog

For many women the decision to rock their natural hair can come with much anxiety and fear. After wearing straight hair or weaves majority of our lives, the sense of uncertainty that comes with going natural is actually understandable and quite natural. Going natural isn’t just a physical change but, a mental one as well.

If your hair has been straight all of your life, you’ve obviously grown accustomed to seeing your self that way. Being that, curly hair and straight hair are opposites, picturing yourself with a head full of curls can and does take some getting used to. Here are some tips to help the transition from straight to curly go a little smoother and prevent you from getting sticker shock after the Big Chop!

Going Natural Is about More than a Hair Style Join forums, read blogs, watch youtube and just surround yourself with images of naturally curly women! Remember to find women of all hair types because until you actually go natural, you won’t know what kind of curls you have!

Don’t ask for opinions. What? Yes. Don’t ask your grandma what she thinks of your hair, if you know she does not like the natural look. You’re only going to set yourself up for disappointment and frustration. Make the choice to go natural for you and only you! You don’t need approval from others; it’s YOUR hair!

Don’t give into negative energy. Yes, it’s true curly hair is not the top standard of beauty and many women and men still prefer straight hair but, don’t dwell on that. Don’t let the fear of what other people may think keep you from enjoying your curls. You may be surprised to find out that your natural hair may not be the topic of the conversation at the dinner table after all.

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Love YOUR hair. Admiring other curls and kinks is fine but, don’t start   you get curls like someone else. We all are unique and have unique hair, you curls may be tighter or looser than you expect but, that’s okay. Just learn the best styles and techniques for your hair.

Accepting your hair is just that, accepting your hair. If you have other problems with self acceptance, don’t try to hide behind having natural hair. Self acceptance means more than accepting your curly hair, you’re more than your hair. It’s a great start but, learn to accept your looks totally, especially what you can’t change.

Also, going natural doesn’t mean you will need to wear more makeup or bolder jewelry. Just be you. You don’t need any extras. When you’re healthy and joyful that’s beautiful!

What helped you accept your natural hair?