Happy Black Women At Every Age Reveal The Small Acts That Brought Them Big Joy

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Merriam-Webster defines joy by the state of happiness. I was extremely happy to interview 6 black women who are close to my heart. These women range from experiences, locations and age. Below they share with you the small acts that brought them big joy.


Age: 26
Location: Detroit, Michigan
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Nia hasn’t lived at home since college and currently is pursuing a doctorate degree in Science at the University of Michigan. Family is extremely important to her and making time for them is a priority. With mounds of papers and exams Nia’s small act of joy include facetiming with her family especially her two younger brothers. “What brings me joy? Being surrounded by loved ones and naturally positive vibrations which enable me to be my truly authentic self”. Another way she finds joy is spending time outside with nature. “Nature helps to fuel long lasting joy that helps promote peace and compassion even through life’s tumultuous times.”

Age: 28
Location: Camden, New Jersey
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Chanelle is a workaholic. She has two jobs and is extremely dedicated to both of them. About two years ago she realized her life was consumed work and a unhealthy relationship. Now, she puts herself first and finds joy in self-care. “The best thing that brings me joy is self-care. I failed myself in the past, so once I discovered the power of a spa membership I felt relieved. When I need time to myself or feeling stressed a massage or a facial brings me joy.” For a daily reminder of how great her life is, she writes in her gratefulness journal. This has been a daily routine and extremely helpful in those dark moments.


Age: 34
Location: Philadelphia, PA
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Erika is a busy mom of two children under the age of 5. Admittedly being a mom is her greatest joy. Balancing work, marriage, motherhood and time for yourself Erika’s small act of joy is having time to reflect. We all know the struggle of getting caught up in the hustle and bustle of life, Erika sets out time to reflect and check in with herself. “For me joy comes from being reflective, Sometimes I reflect on things I have accomplished, and get excited about what the future may have in store”. Being the selfless mom that she is – her reflections include her children. “Thanks to the gift of technology, I can look back at photos or videos of my children as they’ve grown up and feel a sense of thankfulness and joy when reflecting on the wonderful little people they are becoming.”

Age: 36
Location: Harlem, NY
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The discovery of hidden talents has been a great source of joy for Mya. “Anytime I can dedicate to working on a creative idea that I have in my head, whether that is trying a new design on my nails, to drawing, making a visual display or a gift for a friend I am filled with joy”. Mya is a teacher by day but author on the side. The creative that she is had an idea in her head and went with it. She has written two children’s book to date. “I consider myself a creative person so any opportunity I get to bring to life a creative idea that is in my head I am filled with joy.”

40s and Beyond..

Age: 42
Location: Los Angeles, California
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Alissa’s hobbies that fill her with joy are reading and traveling. Before motherhood she would carve out time and bury herself into autobiographies. Reading books by the likes of her favorite authors Toni Morrison, James Patterson and Terry McMillan. Still making time to read she has adjusted her style a little bit. When asked what brings her joy she replied, “Reading a book.. Nowadays listening to a book no times for reading with my 1 year old.” When she is not listening to book she is training for a half marathon. “Running has increased after 40 and being a mom.. I feel that I have to take care of myself and be an example for my daughter”. She finds time to run 2-3 times a week and completed a 5k in June. Alissa is fitmom goals.

Age: 54
Location: Philadelphia, PA

Rebecca is a strong advocate for meditation. She has been meditating for 30 years. This is a daily part of her morning and nighttime routine. “Meditating allows for me to reflect and receive revelations from God.” Another small act for this artist is making time for herself. She has a rule that every weekend she must do something creative for herself. This small act of joy includes trips to the zoo to take pictures of the animals or taking time to draw. “So much of my life is dedicated to my family but art is for me. It fuels my soul and brings me the most intense joy”.

What brings you joy?