Healthy Baby Food Options by Jenell Stewart. Curls Live Out Loud Telesummit



Hey loves!

On Nov 4th, I kicked off the “Live Out Loud – Real Talk with CURLS and The Girls” audio tele summit!

As a natural mom I presented a very interesting topic titled “Leave it on the shelf! Jarred baby food that is: Healthy food options for infants”

If you missed my presentation, you’re in luck! I have the audio track for you below. 

JENELL STEWART healthy options for infants-1 Audio Breakdown for easier listening

1:50 – 6:50 – My intro

6:51 –  7:32 – Why I decided to make baby food

7:33 – 11:57 – Benefits of homemade baby food for babies

11:58 – 14:39  – When can babies start eating baby food?

14:40 – 17:53  – What tools do you need to make your own baby food?

17: 54 – 19:55 – How do you store baby food?

19:56 – 25:02- What foods can infants eat?

25:03 – Resources? My favorite website


If you have any other questions about making your own baby food ask below of visit me on FB @JenellBStewart