HEAT DAMAGE – Don’t let it happen to you!

Nenjae Vanessa with Flat Ironed Hair (20 months natural)

Hey Naturalistas!

I’m sharing this video with you all because its a great testimony of how even with the knowledge of heat damage and understanding of how to use caution, you can still end up with heat damage. She shows you where her heat damage is in her hair.

This video was submitted by my cousin Nenjae Vanessa. If you read my Hair Journey then you know she and I big chopped together, she chopped me and I chopped her.

She and I have had very very different natural hair journeys, primarily because she blow dries and flat irons her hair ALL the time. She refrains from curly styles because of how tangled her hair is, she also doesn’t have much time to commit to her hair in it’s curly state, so she went natural mainly to get away from the harsh chemicals in relaxers.
While I am not a proponent of frequent heat styling, I also don’t knock anyone who wants to heat style often, so long as they do it with caution and great care.
Nenjae Vanessa (20 months natural)
Some important points she makes:
She always thought “that having heat damage would mean your hair didn’t have body and it looked fried, but she realized this is NOT the only form of heat damage. Once you lose your natural curl pattern, you have heat damage.”
Lessons learned:
Flat Ironing your hair with caution isn’t necessarily going to cause heat damage, but flat ironing your hair everyday, sometimes even multiple times a day WILL.
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