Henna and Indigo Treatment for Gray Hair


SavvyBrown takes us along while she experiments with Henna and Indigo!

This post is about my attempt at covering my gray hair with an henna and indigo hair treatment. As you know, I’ve done henna before, but I was getting tired of the henna turning my grey copper. I just wanted them GONE. I had come across this video on Youtube and this tutorial from Hairscapades and so I thought I would give it a try. Apparently, when you apply indigo after you apply henna, the henna binds to the proteins in the hair and the indigo binds to the protein.

So as you can see, I have a few more grays than the last time I posted about henna. So a few weekends ago, I decided to do a full henna treatment.
I used Jamila henna as per usual and I steeped it in green tea to let the dye release, but this time I didn’t add marshmallow root powder and I swapped out the Suave condish for Trader Joe’s Tea Tree Tingle conditioner. Afterwards I did a MANDATORY deep conditioning treatment, with a mix of AOHSRargan oilraw honey and jojoba oil.

Henna Result

My grey is now copper. Yay! My hair felt really good this time too. (I left the Deep conditioner in almost as long as I left the henna in.)

Next up…Indigo Treatment

savvy brown, mehandi indigo, Henna and Indigo Treatment Next up is the indigo step. (Be sure you are using certified Indigo from a reputable company. I ordered mine from Mehandi).
Now here’s where I deviated from Kimmaytube and Hairscapades advice. I did not do the indigo treatment the next day. For two reasons.
1. I didn’t have any indigo. (My order from Mehandhi hadn’t arrived yet)
2. Even if I did have the indigo, I didn’t have another 4 hours that weekend to spare. (Got things to do!)
So I waited until the following weekend to apply the indigo treatment.
Here’s what I did.
My Indigo Treatment Mix
  • I bought 11 ounces of indigo from hennaforhair.com (aka – Mehandi)
  • I also bought a couple of ounces of COJ (This is added to make the indigo mix smoother)
  • I added 1 cup of water to the indigo powder then added 1/2 tsp of the COJ powder to the mix and mixed it well.
  • I let it steep while I took a shower. (Indigo only takes a few minutes as opposed to henna which needs at least 3 hours).
  • (I forgot to add salt like Hairscapades suggested).
I applied the indigo the same way I applied my henna from back to front and then wrapped my hair in a plastic bag and a scarf and let it set for about 3.5 hours. I used conditioner to wash it out, but then rinsed it a few more times. Here was the end result.
  savvy brown, henna and indigo treatment
I like it, but it really doesn’t look any different than if I just did a henna treatment. I think maybe the salt is more important than I thought. Also, maybe you really can’t wait that long between henna and indigo treatments? I don’t know.

What do you think?