Here We Go Again! Black Girls Are Banned From Prom Because They Wore Their Hair In Braids

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In an article I read on newsweek titled “War On Black Hair: Wearing Braids Gets Black Girls Banned From Prom At Malden Charter School In Massachusetts” I read of yet another story highlighting the blatant discrimination our children face.  Twin students Maya and Deanna Cook, African-American sophomores, at attending a Mystic Valley Regional Charter School in Malden, Massachusetts were recently kicked off their sports teams and prohibited from attending a prom because they wore their hair in braids.

What’s the big deal with braids you say?

Well…  Mystic Valley Regional Charter School enforces a strict dress code preventing students from wearing their hair in any unnatural way, which includes braids.

The dress code policy listed on the school’s website says students cannot wear “drastic or unnatural hair colors or styles such as shaved lines or shaved sides or have a hairstyle that could be distracting to other students (extra-long hair or hair more than 2 inches in thickness or height is not allowed). This means no coloring, dying, lightening (sun-in) or streaking of any sort. Hair extensions are not allowed. Hair elastics must be worn in the hair and not on the wrist.”

Oh it gets better.

The girls’ adoptive mother, Colleen Cook, told Boston’s 25 News that she received a call from the school informing her that students weren’t allowed to wear “anything artificial or unnatural in their hair.”  At that time Collen Cook replied, “We told them there’s nothing wrong with their hair the way it is. Their hair is beautiful, there’s no correcting that needs to be done,” Colleen Cook said, adding that the hair policy seems to target only students of color, who wear their hair in braids or extensions reflecting their African-American culture.

“The girls were then given daily detention for two weeks for refusing to take down their braids”, Colleen Cook said, “the girls were told they could not attend the prom and were removed from their sports teams.”

I’m so done. Why do we have to continuously defend our beauty and hair choices??

Here’s my thoughts on this stupid mess

What say you?