Here’s The Real Deal On Steaming Natural Hair


Have you ever felt like all of a sudden out of nowhere your natural hair just needs a boost? There are many great methods you can use to bring your curls back to life and steaming is top of the list. All of the natural hair stylists I’ve ever sat down in front of highly recommend steaming and here’s why.

What Is Steam?

Steam is water in the gas phase, which is formed when water boils. Steam is invisible; however, “steam” often refers to wet steam.

Benefit Of Steaming Your Hair

When you steam your hair, the heat of the steam opens up the hair cuticle. This allows for moisture from the steam to penetrate your hair. Steaming also opens up the pores on the scalp which can in turn help with blood circulation. Proper blood flow is key to hair health, as well as helping to ensure new growth is possible. This process also aids in elasticity to safely stretch the hair.

Is Steaming Good For All Hair Types?

YES! All hair types and textures can benefit from using steam for added moisture. If your natural hair has low porosity, steaming is particularly helpful for you because steaming will open up the cuticle to allow for more penetration. Steaming is also beneficial to women with color treated hair as well as women who wear their hair relaxed.  If you just stared transitioning to natural give steaming a try on your next wash day and see how you like it.

How Often Should I Steam?

You can steam natural hair whenever you think your strands need a boost of moisture. The most common reason to use one is to allow better penetration to the scalp prior to applying deep treatments. This will allow the product a better chance of absorbing into hair and skin for improved results.

Can Steaming Cause Heat Damage?

Steaming uses the combination of heat and water making it is safe for your hair without robbing it of moisture or damaging it with heat. Steaming isn’t the same as other heat styling tools such as blow dryers and flat irons.  These heat tools use heat without moisture which often leaves the hair dry and brittle. Since a steamer uses the combination of heat and water, it is safe for your hair without robbing it of moisture or damaging it with heat.

Jenell, Do You Steam?

Oh yes, anytime I visit my stylist, I make sure to get a steam treatment. I do own a steamer, in fact I own two – a compact steamer that fits on my table and a larger salon grade steamer. Want something smaller? The handheld Q-Redew steamer is a great option.