Hot Oil Treatments will Give Your Hair Life


When it comes to natural hair and women one thing we definitely cannot stand is thinning hair; then there’s lack of moisture, frizz, and stunted growth. Our natural hair is our crown and glory. We should treat it as such however, many of us do not.

We don’t want our hair to start thinning or to fall out yet we keep doing hairstyles that cause excessive tension and we avoid taking time to do scalp massages.

We don’t want dry hair yet we don’t take the time to drink the recommended 8 glasses of water a day, moisturize and seal our hair consistently, deep condition weekly, and cleanse to keep a clean scalp.

Let’s not forget the number one desire of a lot of naturals is long hair. Indeed, we don’t want stunted growth however, we do not eat healthy. Seriously, would it hurt to have a few meals a day that consist of vegetables, a protein and healthy carbs?

We see our weathered ends yet refuse to trim it because it puts you just at 2 inches from bra strap length. Unhealthy length is not length at all.

We hardly keep to our wash day regimen that’s if there is a regimen in place, we consistently are doing something to our hair instead of just allowing it to have it’s rest.

We handle our hair as if it will always be there but understand the only way it will be there is if you keep it there with healthy hair care methods.

Then there are us naturals who actually do eat properly, drink plenty water, trim our weathered ends, keep to a good hair regimen, and hardly keep our hands in our hair. Yet we are not seeing the growth nor the thickening ends or moisture retention we desire. I highly suggest you take a look at what products you place onto your hair, how natural are you keeping it?

Hemp-seed-oil-600x350 Do you use more man-made or nature made?

One thing I have learned on my natural hair journey is what is nature-made reaps more benefits than what is man-made aka manufactured. What comes from nature is hardly harmful to us. In fact it often times helps to enhance that which we are naturally born with. Man-made items usually comes with some risk involved. When it comes to my natural hair and what I use in it or better yet on it, I would rather not take the risk. With nature-made products you know what you are getting and placing onto your hair. It’s typically filled with rich oils and herbs that does your natural hair a lot of good.

I am obsessed with natural oils for my natural hair. It gives our natural hair so many nutrients and minerals, it’s foolish not to have it in stock. This is one item I don’t mind shamelessly being a product junkie for. One of my top favorite methods for using natural oils is as a hot oil treatment.

Yep hot oil! Remember this from those days you were relaxing your hair? I think we all use to put that Vo5 bottle on our hair before using a relaxer. Try this hot oil treatment today!

Well guess what; now that you are natural the beauty of hot oil treatments is still just as beneficial.  All hair types can benefit from a hot oil treatment. The oils are made from nature and are natural hair approved!

You can customize this treatment regardless of hair texture or condition to create a hot oil treatment that is just right for you. In a hot oil treatment you can use one rich oil or several but regardless of the oils you choose if you use hot oil treatments consistently you will notice:

Stronger Roots

Less Frizz

Healthier Scalp

Moisture Retention

Skin Rejuvenation

Less Breakage

Shine and Luster

Thicker Edges

Decrease in split ends

Decrease in Single Strand Knots

Is this list long enough to convince you how important this treatment is for our natural hair health? If not, get yo’ life girl!