Hot Oil Treatments


Hair Fix: Hot Oil Treatments by Veronica W.

Natural hair has special needs that can’t be ignored in order to keep it shiny, strong and healthy. Many naturals complain of dry hair some resulting from porosity issues and others, well, natural hair is just naturally drier than any other hair type. Because of our springy curl patterns, sebum does not sucessfully travel from the scalp and down the hair shaft to keep it moisturized.

That’s where hot oil treatments may come into play depositing oils back into the hair promoting body and sheen. These treatments can be beneficial for natural hair because it is prone to becoming dull & brittle. If you’re having problems with dry hair I suggest trying weekly hot oil treatments to lessen dryness and prevent breakage.

I usually do weekly hot oil treatments as part of my pre-poo process. I’ve been doing it consistently for the past 4 months and have noticed a major improvement in my hair’s moisture retention and less frizzing at the crown

You can get this service done at your local salon or even better, save a buck and do it yourself in the comfort of your own home:

1. Choose An Oil:

Many people use one or any combination of these oils:

Jamaican Castor Oil – Moisturizes and thickens strands; stimulates hair follicles to promote healthy growth

Olive Oil – Conditions hair and improves elasticity

Coconut Oil – Prevents dandruff and imparts shine

Jojoba Oil – Corrects dry scalp and prevents dandruff

Emu Oil – Prevents hair loss and promotes healthy growth; prevents thinning

Sweet Almond Oil – Relieves dry scalp, controls hair loss and smooths cuticle of strands

Rosemary Oil – Relieves dry scalp, stimulates follicles and slows premature hair loss

I use a combination of Jojoba, EVOO & Sweet Almond oils as my treatment

2. Apply

There are two methods to applying a hot oil treatment:

A. On damp or dry hair, saturate hair with oil(s) If you’re using a combination of oils mix them together prior to applying to your hair. Cover your hair with a plastic cap and put on your heat cap or sit under bonnet dryer for 15 to 20 minutes.

I use this method and apply my oils to damp hair and sit under my bonnter dryer for 20 minutes and then let it sit on my hair for another hour or I’ll keep it in over night to wash out the next day.

B. Pour oil(s) into a small bottle and heat slightly by placing in hot water. (I don’t recommend that you heat the oil in the microwave as it’s easy to overheat it resulting in burns.) Saturate hair, cover with a plastic cap and then wrap in a warm towel. The oil should be applied to the hair and scalp paying special attention to the scalp and ends of hair.


If you are having contsant problems with dryness and frizz, I would recommend adding these hot oil treatments to your weekly/ biweekly regimen to prevent over-drying. Some people only find it necessary to perform these treatments aboutonce a month but it all depends on the needs of your hair.

Hot oil treatments are even great for thoe with relaxers as they help to improve the hair’s elasticity, sheen and strength.

I even remember in the days of old, my mom would give me monthly hot oil treatments with Alberto V05. Ahhh the memories! (I make myself sound so OLD! “days of old” Ha!)

Don’t have your own oils on hand? Visit your local beauty supply as they provide hot oil treatment kits complete with everything you need to perform your own at-home service.

Do you do Hot Oil Treatments?  If not, will you add them to your regimen?