How This Blogger Gave The Finger To Socially Acceptable Hair Styles By Confidently Wearing Her Twists Like Erik Killmonger

naptural85 Erik Killmonger

Whitney White is one of the most successful and popular natural hair youtubers in the world. Her channel, Naptural85 has almost 1 Million subscribers and over 89 Million views! If you’ve spent any amount of time watching youtube videos you’ve definitely watched one of her videos. Whitney continues to play a major role in the natural hair journey of thousands of women.

In a recent video Whitney created a look inspired by the loc style worn by the character Erik Killmonger’s in the movie Black Panther. After posting a photo of her wearing her bed head style on Instagram her fans asked her to recreate the look. “I wasn’t planning on making a video tutorial, because well… it’s pretty easy,” said Whitney. However after making the video the negative comments came rolling in. Here’s a few:

  • FluffyWriterGirl “Okay so I really don’t like the hairstyle, but I love the vibe!!! Still creative though :)”
  • Star Tribe Cafe “LMBO I’m not sold on the style. But yes #teamkillmonger ALL DAY!”
  • Ones Xo “That hair is not a vibe”

You can watch the video here

Whitney took to IG to share her issues with the comments on her video and the apparent stigma around natural hair not looking perfect.

“One more time for confirmation 👋🏾✊🏾 From the comments on my vid for this look, some people are really not okay with seeing someone rock their “bed head” out in public! And the NERVE, to do it so confidently!! 🤦🏾‍♀️ So the day of this shoot I put on my #Wakanda ✊🏾sweatshirt, and almost unraveled a twist when I looked in the mirror, and got a surge of pride. Pride from the movie, my blackness, AND my hair.

Originally I planned to do a twist out but suddenly didn’t want to wear my hair in this “socially acceptable” way. The twist out is one of my fav looks, but it is VERY socially acceptable. I suddenly wanted to go against ALL social norms that had previously held me back, and wear my hair in a way that I never would’ve allowed myself to bc of the apparent “stigma.” So I threw my twists on top of my head and drew MORE attention to them with a bright red bandana to match my sweatshirt so you’d know it was DELIBERATE. I looked in the mirror and smiled bc before Black Panther I would NEVER have had the confidence to wear my twists like this! But here, my twists were screaming “I DO NOT CARE WHAT YOU THINK!” I felt SO FREE, wearing my hair as I once would have ONLY in the privacy of my home as to not offend, embarrass, or draw too much attention✨

So I grabbed my jacket and took pics to show my love for Black Panther and my unapologetic blackness. AFTER I took the photos I realized this looked a lot like Killmonger – see photos don’t have clear glasses – this was never meant to be a tutorial, but ppl asked so I filmed and put more Killmonger vibes to it for fun! 😆❤️So that’s the backstory.

Thanks to those who liked it and those who didn’t but were kind! For those strongly offended by this look, I guess that was kinda the point of this hairstyle. I wanted to wear something that people say I should NOT be wearing. 😄I guess there’s a bit more “freeing of the mind” that needs to occur in our community than I thought, where people can be free to express themselves without ridicule. 🤷🏾‍♀️ All in all, this hairstyle was for me. Whether you liked it or not, it was a statement of MY freedom, and if you were inspired by it, well, that brings me a ton of joy. Xo! 😘❤🙏🏾”

How do you feel about this look? What do you think about Whitney’s response?