How to be a Lazy Natural


by Nappy Fu as published on 4cHairChick

One thing that I have noticed on my hair journey is that when you’re doing too much it’s hard to recognize progress. I also learned that simple brings big results. For my hair texture the less manipulation I put her through the more she rewards me. What are the rewards you ask well; less breakage, moisture retention, less single strand knots, less split ends and much more. When you’re doing what you must in your hair regimen (i.e. cleansing, conditioning, oil treatment etc..) and then taking it easy when it comes to the styling of your hair I call this the “Lazy Natural.”


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Who are some Lazy Natural examples? Naptural85, Chime Edwards, Kimmytube and so many more. The “Lazy Natural” does not play around when it comes to the caring of her hair. When it’s time to shampoo, deep condition, co-wash, clarify and so on she is on top of it without missing a beat. However, after giving her hair the TLC it deserves she might take it easy when it’s time to style it. She might opt for a simple puff, two-strand twist or a bun and leave it be. The benefits of being a “Lazy Natural” is keeping it simple when it comes to styling. She might do a intricate style here or there but for the most part she keep it simply styled and hands away. In this video I go through the steps of a “Lazy Natural” and how it works. Enjoy!!

Do you consider yourself a Lazy Natural?

What are some of your fav simple styles?