How to Look & Feel More Girly With a TWA


By Aisha of My Fro and I

You’ve just taken the plunge and chopped off your hair. Now you look like a boy – not really… I mean, your hair doesn’t define your femininity, right? But unfortunately we do live in a world where longer hair = being womanly. Okay, so let’s work with getting our girliness back!

Wear bold make up. When I first went natural, I used this excuse to go out and buy lipsticks of all sorts of shades. Your hair’s not really ‘there’ anymore so have fun and enjoy playing up your beautiful face!

Add a cute accessory. Unless you’re rocking less than 1 inch of hair, your hair’s long enough to rock an accessory. As many of you know, I love hair accessories! They’re such a quick and easy way to doll up any hairstyle and for pretty much any occasion. And since your length at the moment will limit you to change up your style, an accessory is an easy way to make your hair routine feel less repetitive.

Wear distinct earrings. Big, bold, colourful, kooky. Earrings are great ways to help you ‘decorate’ your head area.

Be confident. Nothing screams femininity more than a woman proudly owning her look. Short hair or not. Rocking short hair gives the message that you know you’re beautiful and that beauty goes beyond any hair length. If you don’t believe it yet, fake it. Til’ you make it. They don’t have to know. And you will make it, trust me.

And if you put them all together, you’ve got one hot look. Boy? Who you calling a boy?