How To Maintain A Braid Out On Natural Hair For A Week

How To Maintain A Braid Out On Natural Hair For A Week

Braid Outs are the perfect option for women who want banging curl definition and lots of elongation. I’ve worn them on and off for years and I personally feel more glamorous wearing them when my hair is longer.  When my hair is shorter it looks very spikey which isn’t the look I am going for.  The time it takes to install your hair in a braid out will vary from person to person. The longer your hair is the less braids you need. I’ve seen women install 4 braids and have amazing braid outs, but these women do have hair that is bra strap length or longer.  For someone with hair around shoulder length, like mine, 10-15 braids is ideal.

Some Tips

Use a great moisturizing regimen when instilling your braid outs, because your hair will dry out by the evening. You will see the exact products I use in videos 1 and 2.

Give yourself enough time at night to re-braid  your hair at night in order to keep your curl definition frizz free.

When re-braiding at night avoid spraying your hair with water to keep your hair really stretched and avoid shrinkage.  If your hair is extremely dry, mist lightly. Don’t soak.

When you have about 1 inch left to braid, begin two strand twisting the ends of the braid, this makes unraveling the braid a stress free process. I demonstrate how to do this in the videos below.

In this tutorial I show you step by step in what I call a “Talk Through” tutorial.

In this tutorial I show you how I maintain my braid out through a week.