How to Moisturize Dry Winter Hair for Good!

The Winter air can wreak havoc on our natural tresses and if you’re like most naturals, our hair gets dry fast!

Most naturals go through serious “hair depression” in the cooler months, because they were spoiled by the humid Summer air which was full of moisture.  And now they are dealing with the dry Winter air with little to no moisture and it’s hard to get your moisture levels in check!

I’ve already told you before that incorporating hot oil treatments and deep conditioning treatments to your weekly wash routine will help your hair maintain moisture during any season. Equally important, your moisturizing routine needs to be bullet proof, or should I say “dry proof? Haha.

I strongly suggest investing in a leave in conditioner, an oil and a nice heavy butter. I love the Karen’s Body Beautiful Sweet Ambrosia as a Leave in, I love the coconut Jamaican black castor oil, and the SheaMoisture Curl Enhancing Smoothie as my butter. I know it may be too heavy for some of you but the heavier the butter the longer you can go in between re-moisturizing. When using a thinner/lighter whipped cream, you may need to moisturize on the 2nd or 3rd day. When using a thick/heavy creamy butter, you can go until the 4th, 5th or even 6th day!

In the video below, I share with you a great way to moisturize your hair this Winter. When I moisturize my hair like this I can go 5-7 days without having to re-moisturize! I know, cray cray, right? I can’t guarantee the same for you, but I know it will make a difference for you. Try this out, and tell me how long you can go before you need to re-moisturize.