How to Stretch Natural Hair with NO Heat


Want stretched hair?
You’re not alone.

Afraid of the blow dryer?
You’re not alone.

Not afraid of the blow dryer, but just prefer to be “heat free”?
You’re not alone.

So how do you stretch your hair if you don’t use heat?

There are several ways!

For me, I adopted a method from AliciaJamesMusic on YT where she pulls her hair into a bun. In the video below, I show you how I pull my hair into a low bun, then moisturize my edges, put on a scarf and head to bed.

In the video below, AliciaJamesMusic shows you how to stretch your hair using the bunning method. She wraps her hair into a firm low bun at the nape of her neck. This is the video that inspired me to start stretching my hair for a more elongated look.

In the video below, Kim of backsynfan shows how to stretch her natural hair by using the banding method. She uses several elastic bands to band small sections of her hair from root to tip.

In the video below, LongHairDontCareLLC, shows how to stretch her natural hair by first allowing her hair to air dry in two low buns, and then wrapping her hair around her head over night.

How do you stretch your hair?