I Think It’s Time I Try Flexi Rods


One thing I’ve always done is experiment with my hair. I remember having 2 inches of hair and trying flat twists.  My hubby laughed and laughed at me, but I was determined to do something more with my TWA then just a frizzy fro.

Now that I have a good amount of hang time I think I’m ready to try Flexi Rods.  I’ve always ignored flexi rods because I knew it wasn’t my time yet.  If I had used them anytime sooner, I would look like an old lady from the south, and that is not the look I’m going for at all.

One thing I’m still unsure about is what size flexi rods I will need….?  I guess I’ll go with a medium size because I don’t want my curls too tight.

Oh and another thing, what products will I use to set my rods???

And one more thing, should I two strand twist my hair then put on the rods?  Should I just leave my hair loose?  Should I set my rods on wet or dry hair??

These two ladies have achieved great success with flexi rods and I’m inspired to try out some flexi rods.

Have you tried flexi rods? How do you feel about them?
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