I Use Monistat 7 to Grow My Hair – So What?


The use of Monistat 7, the anti-fungal vaginal cream, to grow hair faster has been a taboo topic in the natural hair community for months! Many of you that read our article, had lots of negative things to say about using it.

I had the pleasure of interviewing a very brave soul that admits to using Monistat 7 on her natural hair for two months and she loved every minute of it. Many women that have heard about this phenomenon are skeptical about the results of using Monistat 7, there are a bunch of women openly using Monistat 7 on their hair, and there are many among us secretly using Monistat 7 to grow their hair but would never dare come out and say it.

To each their own, it’s your hair.

Kamilah, a loving mother of 2 boys, currently residing in Philadelphia, PA has made it no secret that she used Monistat 7 daily for 2 months.

Kamilah states, “I started using Monistat 7 in April of this year and used it faithfully for about 2 months”.  She explains that she found out about using a anti-fungal vaginal cream for hair growth from bloggers. “I was very skeptical about using this in the beginning, when I first heard about using Monistat 7 there were only white people using it. Even on YouTube (YT) there were only white women making videos about it. I noticed that their hair looked greasy but the results were very noticeable. One day I stumbled upon a black woman on YT that had been using it for 3-4 months.  Her hair was relaxed and was having problems with her ends and was using the Monistat 7 to grow her hair faster so she cut trim her ends. I also found a video of a black man on YT that was using it to treat his receding hair line and his hair had grown back in.  When I saw that a man could get over the stigma, I knew that I could do it.”


Kamilah's Hair Before using Monistat 7

Kamilah’s Hair Before using Monistat 7

With so many alternatives to stimulate hair growth, why would Kamilah feel the need to use Monistat 7? When asked she explained, “Before I big chopped in January of this year, 2012, I had long hair past my shoulders.  I transitioned for 4 months then cut off my hair, but being that I’m used to having long hair, I really wanted my hair to grow back. I use Biotin regularly, I give my self oil scalp massages, I take multivitamins daily, I have a healthy hair regimen, I drink lot’s of water, and I eat very healthy. I hoped that the Monistat 7 would give my hair a boost.”

With all of the great treatment that Kamilah gave to her hair already, where would the use of Monistat 7 come into play? “I used the Monistat 7 daily for 2 months. Over the course of the 2 months I mixed the Monistat 7 with with lavender jbco, coconut jbco, then extra dark jbco and rub it on my scalp like hair grease.” To prepare her hair for the application Kamilah would spritz her hair with water, part her hair with a comb, and then apply the Monistat 7 mix to her head. “I would cover my hair with a plastic cap and then go to bed. In the morning I would spritz my hair with water moisturize with Curls Creme Brule, Shea Moisture Oil Elixer, and the Taliah Waajid Curl Cream.”

Kamilah's Hair After using Monistat 7

Kamilah’s Hair After using Monistat 7

Kamilah has spoken openly on blogs, this one included, and on FaceBook about her use of Monistat 7, I can imagine the remarks that other women have made. “Most people are negative and they will say things like “Ewww coochy cream, thats gross, but outside of that no one has said anything to deter me.”

In our recent article on Monistat 7 we reported that many women had unusual side effects including a feeling that the scalp was moving, headaches and shedding. Kamilah reports that she had a bit more shedding but no other negative reactions. “The main thing that happened was my hair felt really greasy. To keep my hair clean I co-washed my hair about 3x a week and I washed with shampoo 1x a week.”

Kamilah isn’t ashamed or embarrased about using the Monistat 7, “People need to get over the stigma! The active ingredient is miconazole nitrate, which is used to treat thrush in babies mouths and when used in hair can increase growth. My hair did grow during the two months that I used it, but it takes a lot of time to use a product every night.”