If You Decide To Big Chop Please Enjoy Your TWA Phase


With a dramatic set back in her hair growth, 36 year old Nashville based YouTuber Ngozi Sherry Ali, used her story of alopecia and heat damage to inspire women dealing with traumatic experiences. I had a sit down with the gorgeous natural hair influencer and we talked natural hair  and business over brunch.

What do you love most about your natural hair and the influence you have?
I love my texture the most. Because my hair is considered 4b/4c and I have really fine/ lower density hair, being natural allows me to have more volume and fullness to my hair.

I love that I inspire other fine naturals to love their tresses and try to show various styling options. I also love that I help women with alopecia and share my journey to help them grow their hair.

What’s your best advice you can give to women wanting to go natural?
If you decide to big chop, enjoy your TWA phase. I didn’t enjoy mine as much as I could have and protective styled until it grew to a length I was comfortable with. I didn’t try all these cute styles everyone is trying now.


What’s the biggest risk you’ve ever taken?
Biggest risk I took was getting my hair straighten and obtaining heat damage. I’m low maintenance with my hair and don’t do much risk taking due to my hair is very fragile. Read more about her hair damage.

What accomplishment in your life are you most proud of (at it relates to your natural hair career)?
I’m proud I was able to grow my hair back from being bald on my edges. I had a bad sew-in experience and my hair was ripped out. I’ve grown it back for over 5 years now.


What new and exciting things are going in your career?
I am an Electrical Engineer by trade and now work in Product Marketing. I love that I am the first African American woman to work as the type of Engineer I was at my company and now the first African American hired into Product Marketing!

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