If Your Hair Isn’t Growing This Could Be Why

chime edwards – If Your Hair Isn’t Growing This Could Be Why

Tried everything but your natural hair still isn’t growing? You must first fully understand the concepts of hair growth and damage. There’s a two-step process when it comes to hair growth; hair emergence from the scalp and length retention at the ends of the hair fiber. Your hair is constantly growing but if you don’t preserve the ends of the hair fiber you will never see growth. This is one reason why so many women hit the shoulder length plateau.

Unfortunately, regardless of how well you take care of your hair, you will likely encounter damage at one point or another in your journey.  Your hair can be affected by the physical stress of daily styling and maintenance, chemical processes, environmental factors and nutritional deficiencies. When you reduce damage and hair emergence and retention are in balance, you will be able to see a visible increase in length. Now there are some women that are an exception to the rule, they can neglect their hair and still achieve long hair growth. But this is not advised.

Natural hair blogger Chime Edwards schools us all on much more in her video below “Understanding Hair Growth & Damage To Grow Long Healthy Hair.”

The information in this video was referenced from The Science of Black Hair: A Comprehensive Guide to Textured Hair Care