I’ll Be Saving My $$ This Year


I get many products sent to me to review.  You would think “She NEVER buys products”, but for some reason I get tempted to buy new shampoo, conditioner and STYLING PRODUCTS!!!  I’m not talking about restocking up on my favorites like Shea Moisture or Giovanni, I mean buying brand new shampoo, conditioner, and styling products to try out.

What a waste of money!

I started finishing my bottles under the sink last month. My method of choice, use it each wash until it’s done.  Guess what? I still have tons to go….

This New Year will be different, I plan to finish all the products I have before going out and buying more.  I may never need to buy more if I follow this plan.  So today begins the first day of my “No Buy” Challenge.  This is a resolution I know I can live up to.

What’s one thing you will do differently this year when it comes to your natural hair?