I’m a Mask Junky!


I am in LOVE with Face Masks!

I mask 2-3x a week (every other day or every 3 days). I’ve been using them since I was a teenager. They keep my skin clear, smooth and radiant. My skin is OILY but its not sensitive. I have so many different masks that I use and my face loves them!

I buy my masks from CVS-Freemans are $3.99, Madina (madinaonline.com)-Masks are $1.50-$3, The Body Shop-Masks are $15-$22, and Family Dollar- Masks are $3.

I also use African Black Soap to clean my face 2-3x a day

Here’s most of the masks in my collection.

In this video, I share more info on my mask obsession and a DEMO of how I mask.

I moisturize my face every single time I wash my face or mask my face. I use the Body Shop Mattifying Seaweed Day Cream under makeup (if Im not going to wear makeup I dont use this), When I am not wearing any makeup, I use the body shop Mattifying seaweed lotion with spf 15. I use the body shop seaweed night treatment at night after I wash.

One more thing, I drink about 80oz of water a day. That helps!

Do you mask? How often?

Which masks do you use?