I’m Through! Here’s What You Do When You Just Need A Break From Your Natural Hair

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We need a break.
She knows it and I do too.
I love my hair but we have had enough of each other.

It is too much – the shampooing, conditioning, deep conditioning and not too mention after all of that—the styling. Wash day ends up feeling like a chore. To make things even worse I have to get up at 5 am for work and nobody got time for untwisting while I am rushing out the door. It is time for a much needed break.

I know I am not alone and my naturals will understand what I mean. A couple months out of the year my hair and I agree we need a break from each other. This has been very healthy for our relationship and our growth. There are three major things I do when I need a break from my hair – my hope is that these tips will help you too. The first being protective styling.

Protective Styles

I know it sounds obvious but not all naturals are fans of protective styling. We begin to feel guilty or even miss our hair. My go to protective style is a sew in weave or a wig. I know I know you are not a fan and that is fine. I have some other styles I enjoy too. They are crochet braids, twist and locs. The versatility of crochet styling has been a blessing. You can even do it yourself but if you are not ready for that many hair salons can do it for you. Another option is two strand twist. I part my hair in really small sections. I can part my twist to the side, I can put them in a bun or even a really cute updo. To make it even better when I am ready to take them out I have a really defined bomb twist out.

Spice It Up

Let’s say you have tried Protective Styling and that works for awhile but not enough. I believe it is time to Spice It Up. I love playing around with my hair. When I need a break is it time to change it up but adding a little bit of color. Don’t get scared because we don’t have to use bleach or dyes. There are so many brands out that have temporary hair chalk or hair spray. Within minutes you can have a completely different look and just wash it out the next day.

Wrap It Up and Forget About It

For my last and final tip you wrap it up and forget about it. Turbans have been a life saver. They are a really cute way to get a break and add some flare to your outfit. There are so many ways to rock head scarf and turban. I know you are going to say you do not know how but you are in luck. Youtube has plenty of hair wrap tutorials. Do not forget to make sure to wear a satin scarf underneath and moisturize your hair. You are all set to wrap it up and forget about it.

These three tips have saved my life numerous times and I hope they do the same for you.