Interviewing with Style

I think we can all agree that if you watch the show Scandal, you might catch yourself swooning over Olivia Pope’s professional yet chic power suits. When you think about walking into a professional environment and commanding respect without saying a word, an “Olivia Pope” look will do it every time.

When looking for a job, dressing appropriately is as important as having the perfect resume’ and/or work experience. The word “professional” has certainly changed over the years but there is still an unspoken standard that most employers look for.

When interviewing, always consider the place of employment. You never want to go too casual and of course being stylish means you are never overdressed. (What does that mean anyway?)

The general rule of thumb is to stay away from anything that could double as “club attire.” That means leave the double platforms and “Basketball Wives” earrings at home. At least until you get the job and you have satisfied the 60 day probation period for your insurance to kick in.

Simple is always better but that doesn’t mean you can’t accessorize.  Think classic fitting pieces. Think chic. Think “I NEED THIS JOB!”

Classic colors such as grey, black, red and blue are always good choices and just give pops of color with your accessories.

Of course there is always room to step it up depending on where you are interviewing. If you are interviewing at a company like Anthropologie, there is more room for color and edgier pieces…to a limit. Don’t take that chance when interviewing for a main stream position though. Like they always say, “Get the job, first!”

So when going out to land that job…think Olivia Pope.  Think Michele Obama.

Here are a few bloggers that show us how to do it well.

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Have you ever seen someone make an “interview” style mistake? Tell us about it!