It Works – Keeping a Hair Diary


by Desire My Natural

“Wait, which heat protectant did I use?” “How was that oil used again?” When I did that twist out, did I air dry my twists or dry first then twisted my hair?”

These are the questions I constantly ask myself when I decide on a style for the week. Once I do my Wash Day, I either have to follow the same regimen I did before or evolve my regimen to have the same or even better results than before. I rather not have a “down-hill” experience, especially since I’m so far into my Hair Journey. So my Hair Diary has become my play book that I refer to often when it has anything to do with my hair.

With this said I believe I know my hair so well and how to care for it because of my Hair Diary. I have kept it since July 2011, with updating it every 2 weeks. At the end of the month, I pull those 2 weeks together to give a monthly synopsis. At the 3 month mark, I review over everything that happened for those 90 days (challenges, hair length, goals, regimen and products used).

This is what I suggest a Hair Diary with 2 week updates should entail:
· Wash Day – shampoo/cowash? DC? Protein treatment? Leave-in?
· Moisture and Sealing – what was used? Finger/comb detangling?
· Styler – what was used? Air a dry/blow a dry/hooded dryer?
· Styles done for the 2 weeks and grade them (either 1-10 system or A-F system)
· What did you like? What could have been done differently?

This is what I suggest a Hair Diary with a 1 or 3 month update should entail:
· Hair tests/growth – front, back, sides length and average growth, moisture/protein
· Shedding? Breakage?
· Consistent Regimen? Hair challenges?
· Favorite styles done? Favorite products used?
· Short term goals? Long term goals?
· Healthy hair habits? Unhealthy hair habits?

Yes, this seems a little extreme and over-excessive; but, the more you practice this system, the easier it will be and second nature to you. You do not have to follow this exact system and you may have other thing you want to record. I have evolved my Hair Diary over time and have learned so much about keeping one as well.

Natural hair says…keep a Hair Diary for 3 months and update every 2 weeks. Once the 3 months are over, read your Hair Diary and be amazed! Just don’t stop there…continue on with your hair diary. The best thing about this system is that you are telling yourself about your own hair care instead of asking others or researching about what to use or what is best for your hair. Try it today!