It’s Time to Revamp Your Makeup Bag


By Lucky Smyler, Celebrity Makeup Artist

Makeup bags should be used for touch-ups and minor adjustments but very often we tend to fill our bag with all of our faves and end up carrying our entire makeup kit around. It’s time to keep it keeping it minimal ladies. Let’s condense your makeup bag, keeping only the essentials, to create the most efficient, effective and lightest weight makeup bag to go.

Foundation and Concealer
These products generally last 6 months to about two years. If the consistency changes, or the product starts to smell, just get rid of it. To condense these products, try using a stick foundation. they are perfect for concealing blemishes, concealing under eyes, as well as rebooting the overall foundation application. Leave the glass bottle liquid foundation at home to help keep your bag light as a feather.

A colorless translucent option will always get the job done (set makeup and absorb excess oil throughout the day). Also, keeping it translucent will avoid getting an oxidized muddy look by evening. Pressed powders can last as much as two years, but if it smells strange–ditch it!

I’ve always preferred bronzer over blush because it adds shape and contour while providing a healthy youthful glow (this usually eliminates the need for a blush). For a two in one option, try using it as an eyeshadow–you’ll be amazed–and you wont need to carry an additional eyeshadow palette.

If you prefer to carry your eye shadow palette versus using your bronzer, I suggest a dual shadows palette or an eyeshadow quad. These are ideal for transforming day makeup to night drama and key to a lightweight makeup bag.

Liner and Mascara
Keeping a clear mascara in your bag is a great two in one idea. You can use it to recharge your existing mascara that you’ve applied at home, and you can sweep it through your brows for a more polished and completed look.

Two colors are best to have at all times. A safe day color, and a dramatic one for evening (or a gloss). Giant chubby lip pencils are great to have because you can line and define with them, use them as a lipstick, and finally dab them on the cheeks for rouge color.

Going with a double duty product is the best way to keep your makeup bag light while still having all your essentials. Follow my steps for a complete and light makeup bag with all the essentials for a quick lunch touch up and to glam it up for a night on the town.