Jenell’s Puffy Twists


If you were around earlier this week, then you were updated on my new journey. I’ve been inspired to wear my hair in protective styles for a full year!  As much as I am going to miss my hair I am doing this in hopes of seeing some good growth.

People are always talking about how important protective styles are and while I am a proponent of protective styles, I’ve never been big on protective styles with extensions. I prefer the roll, tuck, & pin with my own natural hair. This new journey will be very unique for me because most of my styles will be with extensions.

My first protective style install for this year of protective styling were Puffy Twists.

In this video I share with you the hair that was used, how much it costs for the hair, who did it and how much they charged me. I also show you how I blow dry my hair before getting my hair done. The lady that did my hair is Rosy, she is located in Brooklyn NY, her number is 718-346-4717. Tell her Princess sent you.

Jenell's Puffy Twist Extensions My hair is in Puffy Twists. Puffy Twists are Senegalese Twists that are big.
The hair used was Marley Hair by the brand Model Modal. I used 8 packs. My color is 1B

When I blow dried my hair I used an old Hot Tools blow dryer that I’ve had for over 10 years. I used the CHI Iron 44 Heat Protectant, that I got a local beauty supply store. I used a Denman Blow Dry Brush to get my hair as straight as possible.

Stay tuned for videos on how I moisturize my twists, how I set my twists for bed, how I got this style and the basic details on what hair was used to do my hair along with more tidbits.