KCCM Natural Hair Meet Up NYC Pics!


I had a blast meeting up with the lovely natural hair ladies of NYC.

We met at a nice spot called The Gates on 8th Ave in Manhattan.

We had drinks and appetizers while we got to know each other better.  All types of women were represented at this meet up. Women with fresh BCs (Big Chops), TWAs (TeenyWeenyAfros), Small Afros, and BSL (Bra Strap Length) hair.  The ladies came decked out in Wash N Gos, Twistouts, FroHawks, Two Strand Twists, and Puffs!

We shared stories about our very different journeys and talked about our personal lives as well.
It was very inspirational and very motivating to meet all the lovely ladies that came out last night.

If you attended the meet up, please leave your comments below.
If you didn’t attend the meet up view the pics below and don’t miss out next time!