Large Braid Into a Bun on Blown Out Natural Hair

I really enjoyed my flexi rod set from the other day and I decided not to re-set my hair in the flexi rods because I’ll be in doors for the next few days.
I came up with this quick and easy style while standing in front of the mirror.  All I did was part my blow dried hair on the left going towards the back.  Then I parted my hair over the right.   I braided that entire section into one large corn row (braid) going from left to right.  If you can’t corn row, feel free to do a large flat twist or just do a roll, tuck, and pin instead.
I brushed out the back and moisturized the sides and my ends and gathered the hair including the end of my braid into a nice tight pony tail using an elastic band.  I put the loose hair of my pony tail into a two strand twist and then wrapped it around itself into a bun.  I secured the bun with another elastic back.
This style can be jazzed up by adding a flower to the side of the bun or on the side of the braid.  This style is a protective style since all the ends are tucked away.  It’s a great style for work.