Lazy Naturals: The Easiest Bantu Knot Out Method for Natural Hair



by Imani Dawson of Tribe Called Curl


The dirty little secret of having textured hair is that there’s a whole bunch of textures atop your pretty little head. Sometimes it’s cool to have curls, coils and kinks co-existing peace on the dome, but sometimes naturalistas crave a more uniform look. Enter the Bantu knot out. As a curl setting method, Bantu knots transform wayward strands into soft, fluffy waves. It’s a great style for transitioners or anyone dealing with multiple textures. Bantu knots are also one of those deceptively simple styles. It looks easy, until you take your hair out after 36 hours and it still hasn’t dried on your wedding day (true story). Have you been faced with a series of Bantu knot flops? Never fear, Joy, our resident Lazy Naturals hair ‘do guru has come up with a method so simple, anyone can master it. Check out this surefire method for easy Bantu knot outs, and let us know how it worked out for you.

[author image=”×360.jpg” ]Imani Dawson is the founder of, she is an award winning writer and TV producer with nearly 13 years of experience working in media and a passion for telling Black women’s stories. And, not just the ones that come with lots of weave, dysfunction and intimacy with athletes. I’ve worked for outlets like BET, MTV and yes, VH1 during a short stint on a reality show special that cured me of any misconceptions about people willing to parade their lives in front of the cameras.[/author]