Letting Go of Attachments & Obsessions


by Antionette of Around the Way Curls

More often than not we find ourselves saying, “it’s just hair” but is it really? So, many hair blogs are successful in promoting the beauty of natural hair, but in the quest to get the perfect curl, many are also guilty of promoting hair obsession. Have we simply traded in our hot combs and relaxers for leave-in conditioners and twist-outs, while our mindsets have stayed the same?  Get rid of our relaxers and we go HAM over our curls. Get rid of our curls and we go HAM over our makeup. If it’s not one thing it’s the other. Are we really as free and emancipated as we think we are?  Or are we all just replacing our obsessions with other obsessions? At any moment, could we give it all up and stunt on our instragm as we normally do? I honestly don’t think I could. Big shout out to Maya for not only being shameless but also being fearless.YUP!

  Shameless Maya SHE DID IT!!!

Shameless Maya big chops