Life Oversized


One of the best trends I’ve seen to date is oversized everything! It started with cardigans, tops, and coats and continued to bags, jewelry, and shoes. It is a great way to exaggerate size and accent a great piece you have. Three of the most common ways to rock the “Oversized” trend are by accenting  cardigans, coats, and bags.

Oversized Cardigan

The oversized cardigan, known to some as the “boyfriend sweater” is my personal favorite. Every designer/store makes them and they can be found for as little as $15 at places like Forever 21 and H&M. You can wear them with a tank top/camisole, leggings, and a chunky heel. I like to throw in a contrasting belt to pull the look together.

Oversized Coat

Oversized outerwear is a great way to show your style during the cold seasons. It’s being trendy while still keeping warm. Whether the coat is wide or long, it always helps to wear it with a high heel to add length and height as well as a chunky heel to give the ensemble balance.

Oversized Clutch

Bags, Bags, and more bags! Wearing great purses is one of the most fun ways to wear the oversized trend. Adding a great clutch is a very fun and flirty way to show off your style and still be practical. There are a few great bags that double as a shoulder bag and as well as an oversized clutch. This is a definite way to have everything you need and still be trendy. Pair your bad with a refreshing little black dress and a statement heel and you’re set!


What is your favorite way to rock the oversized trend?