Mini Box Braids for Kids


By Dominique-Alexis of Natural Hair Care Info

The last time I did a box braid hairstyle was when Bunny’s hair was almost a foot shorter, so it’s been a really long time!

Bunny saw a little girl with microbraids at the gym and she’s been wanting them for a while now!

She’s super excited about them and told me to tell you guys that there will be lots and lots of micro braid hairstyles coming soon!

I FINALLY finished!!!

For braiding the hair you’ll need:

Rat tail comb

Wide tooth comb

Hair moisturizer

Coconut Oil

Hair clips to section hair

Products I used:

Original Sprout Natural Shampoo

Original Sprout Deep Conditioner

Original Sprout Leave In Conditioner

Darcys Botanicals Daily Leave In Conditioner

Coconut Oil

As always, I started with cleandetangledstretched hair.

So darn pruty!
The first thing I did was thoroughly wash Bunny’s hair with Original Spout Shampoo, deep conditioned (I can’t quite remember what I used :/), applied Original Sprout Leave In Conditioner and left her hair to stretch with Ghana braids.

I let her hair stretch for a couple of days before I attempted her mini braids.

I took down all of the thread, added a generous amount of Darcys Botanicals Daily Leave In Conditioner, added a little coconut oil on top of that and began the actual braiding process.

I parted on a slight angle…

..and then changed it into braids!
I parted on a slant, and then pitched/grabbed smaller sections out and braided it to the end.

Actually, I did the parting the same way that I did her mini two strand twists a couple of months ago!

However, when I got towards the front, I switched over to actual “box” parts so her braids would lay a little more naturally.

We’re really, really hoping to get at least two months out of them. I may take them down for the fourth of July so she can rock a ‘fro, but we’ll see!

More pictures!

Have you ever done box braids or mini braids?

Did you like them and do you have any tips for the rest of the readers?