My Hair Was Falling! How Embarrassing

Fiso Moyo bun

By Fiso Moyo

“Your hair is falling,” exclaimed my colleague as she pointed to the kinky twist braid on the floor. She had a terrified look on her face as if she was looking at a snake. I laugh about it now but at that time it wasn’t funny it was one of the most embarrassing moments of my life. You see, some people never see what our natural hair looks like because we keep our hair in weaves, braids, twists or maybe we wear it straightened or possibly your hair is relaxed.

At work people often commented on how amazed they were that my hair grew so much because they didn’t understand that they were braided extensions.  I did not explain to them because I didn’t feel like I owed anyone an explanation about my hairstyles. So back to the incident of my hair falling off as per my colleagues exclamation. She actually thought something was wrong with me because she never saw anything like that before. After explaining to my colleague that it wasn’t my hair but braided extentions, as if I was not embarrassed enough. She made it a story of the day and went around the office telling everyone who was willing to listen that I had fake hair. That was very embarrassing as everyone stared at me waiting for an explanation.  After explaining, everyone was curious to see what my hair looked like.

Fiso Moyo updo One day I went to work with my hair in an afro style with a hair band. My colleagues were so fascinated and wanted to touch my hair. I then decided to embrace having unique hair and wore my hair in a pony style or just twisted my short hair. I made a decision that there was nothing wrong with my short hair and I was going to rock it as it was. I started educating myself on how to take care of my hair through websites and YouTube channels. This incident did not stop me from braiding my hair. My colleague would search the internet for braiding hairstyles that I could do. She was so fascinated by the different colours which she called highlights that one could have on their braids. Now I had let the black women’s secret out. Everyone at work knew it wasn’t my hair. Their questions were more on how I did that style and how long it took. The funny thing though even the man were fascinated by my hair.

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