Nair Spa Clay Roll-On Wax a Summer Fave!


My summer Fave is Nair Spa Clay Roll-On Wax.

I’m a girl who loves her minis and super short shorts. Unfortunately, my schedule does not allow for frequent blocks of time devoted to hair removal. I’m all about looking hot in the summer not being a hot mess. After seeing so many commercials for this at-home wax I finally stopped in a CVS and purchased.

The package includes everything you need and the directions were very easy to follow. It’s a little work to apply, but for 9 bucks, I can’t even complain. Once I glided the wax on safely, my legs went from furry to silky in about 30 minutes! There was no strange Nair smell either. Also, there’s enough in the container for several applications, even if you’re a hairy bear like me.

Ladies, I have died and gone to silky smooth heaven! If you have a few minutes to spare and a decent enough tolerance for pain you definitely need this in your life.

Have you tried Nair Spa Clay Roll-On Wax?

How do you like it?