Natural Barbies are Cute! Do Black Girls Want Them?


I love love love the fact that natural hair is taking over.

Haven’t you seen the naturals in commercials, in print, and now at the Oscars! (You GO Viola!)

I mean, Natural hair is sooo popular companies that only catered to relaxed hair are now making products for curly girls.

There are even natural Barbie dolls and they are fierce!

BUT… here’s the part I really want to know about, and No, I’m not starting any trouble….Do Black girls want textured hair Barbie’s?


When I was a young girl I had Black doll babies, but hated not being able to comb their hair with my mini doll comb. You know what I mean right? You just can’t comb through a Black Barbie’s textured hair, it would tangle and rip out of her plastic scalp and the comb was stuck!

Ironically, this translates to real natural hair, you know you can’t just comb through it. You have to gently detangle from the ends up and then plait it away. Even then you still can’t just run a comb through it-Be Gentle!

While it’s awesome that there are natural Barbie’s for little curlies to play with, but are our little girls as excited about them as us older more mature Black women? Perhaps it’s not important that our girls be able to comb their dolls hair because it perpetuates a stereotype that hair uncombed is unkept.

What are your thoughts?